Why Does Lightning Change Colors

Why Does Lightning Change Colors. After Storm Hermine in New Port Richey FL things are much quieter. Last night, well it was early a.m. today, the storm was spectacular. Noisy, and full of lights and colors.

Why Does Lightning Change Colors

The lightning during that storm was red, yellow, orange, blue or plain old white.  I thought I imagined it (the effect of not enough sleep and too much storm) but I searched Google and, yes, lightning does appear as different colors depending on the atmosphere.

Why Does Lightning Change Colors

Photo courtesy of UncannyValley.co

From Dan Robinson,  Storm Chaser/Photographer

 Lightning traveling through open air emits white light, but can appear in different colors depending on local atmospheric conditions. Distant lightning can appear red or orange the same way the setting sun does, due to moisture, haze, dust, etc in the lower levels of the atmosphere. Light emitted by lightning has a similar visible spectrum as sunlight (white light), so the atmosphere should shift the colors of both the same way – given there is enough distance between the lightning and the observer.
Since shorter wavelengths are scattered more, red light is more likely than blue light to reach your eyes directly from the source, and blue light is more likely than red light to reach them after being scattered.

Hurricane Hermine is gone from here now.

It was a very exciting show of lightning and I hope I get to see it again sometime. I even woke my husband who said (grumpily, I thought), “Oh, nice” and promptly fell asleep again.
Hurricane Hermine did lots of damage to our area but no loss of life. Flooding is a big problem in some neighborhoods. Trees fell down like matchsticks. The trees roots and the ground around them become 
saturated and cannot support the tree so down it goes. Unfortunately, they tend to target cars, roofs, and screen structures around pools.  The insurance companies will be busy. What a disastrous start to the Labor Day Weekend. 
In the meantime, I have a closing today in Timber Greens Country Club (where I live) where there is no flooding, no trees down. 
Have a wonderful holiday weekend and stay safe and dry.
Toni Weidman
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Why Does Lightning Change Colors 
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Author: Toni Weidman

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