Why Do Buyers Need An Inspection

Why Do Buyers Need An Inspection 

Did you as a seller wonder why the buyers need to do an inspection?  the sellers were still living there, using all the home’s systems so the buyers should know it all works.

When a home goes under contract,  there is a contingency Trinity FL Home Sales - January 2014that states the buyers have the right to have a professional inspection carried out within a stated period (usually 10-15 days),  and if anything is not to their satisfaction, “at the buyer’s sole discretion”;  they can void the contract and have their earnest money returned to them as long as they notify the seller in writing within a time period set on the contract.. Most of our contracts seem to be  “as is with right to inspect”. So, why do buyers need an inspection.

Why Do Buyers Need An Inspection

What is working in your home for you may not be acceptable to a buyer. You may be putting up with a dishwasher that’s not doing a great a job but you never felt the need to change it, or you may not have noticed it. It was good enough. The inspector will note the deficiency and it will be up to the buyers to say whether or not that is good enough for them.

Why Do Buyers Need An Inspection

And an inspection covers areas that most sellers may not even look at very often, like the attic, the roof, the basement if there is one, even the garage may be hiding a hazard or two. The inspector will give the buyers a written report with all his findings.

After the buyers and their agent evaluate the report; the decision is made to either continue with the contract or to void it.  If the buyer’s decision is to continue with the contract, we move on.

Why Do Buyers Need An InspectionWhat does that do for the seller? It assures them that the buyers have accepted the condition of the home (even if there were some minor issues) and the contract is continuing.

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Author: Toni Weidman

Experience Counts! I have been selling homes in West Pasco and Pinellas counties-Florida for over 25 years. Craig & I run Trinity Pets Yappy Hour for animal rescues. And a Broker-associate with Sailwinds Realty, Trinity. Craig and I run Trinity Pet Sitters LLC.