Who Is Knocking On Your Door

Who Is Knocking On Your Door. Is Your Front Door Ready For Company? If you’re thinking of selling or just feeling that Spring Clean Up urge? The one thing you need to do is  open your front door right now; go ahead, don’t be scared, take a good, hard look at it and while you’re looking, think about this. 

This is the first thing the buyers or your friends get to see close up when they visit. If it’s potential buyers they may stand there for 3-5 minutes while their agent is fumbling with the lockbox to get you inside as quickly as possible. In those 3-5 minutes, a lot of things will be noticed.

Who Is Knocking On Your Door

Who Is Knocking On Your Door

They look like a nice couple but will your front door stand up to their eyeball perspective? Take note of the following list;  and then take a second look. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Pretty door  found on Pinterest by gopat1 on Flckr.

Things You Can Do To Impress

  • Does it need painting? Front doors fade rapidly and a fresh coat of paint will do wonders so head out and buy some paint and a good brush.
  • If it doesn’t need painting, does it need a good cleaning? Cobwebs, mold, and mildew seem to like to settle there.
  • While you’re checking the mold and mildew out, take a look at the weather-stripping around the door. If it’s cracked, or flaking, replace it.  Mildew, clean it.
  • Glass inserts, do they need to be cleaned and dirt removed from the moldings? A light needs cleaning and a good bulb.
  • Look up at the cover over the door, are there spiders, cobwebs, or hornets nests there? Make sure to remove them.
  • If you have a sidelight or two, make that glass sparkle; if you have a curtain on the sidelights, wash it and re-hang with a little more tension to make it snap to attention.
  • Make sure the door doesn’t creak or scrape along the floor or carpet when it’s being opened. There’s nothing worse than a creaking door to give the wrong impression. Remember the Addams Family.
  • Shine the hardware on the door, if it’s all green and yucky, it needs replacing, head to your local DIY and buy new ones.
  • Sweep the area in front of the door, in fact, sweep the walk up to the door.  Plant some colorful flowers near by.
  • Hang a pretty welcome sign. Be sure to keep it clean. 

    How Does This Help

These will help you think about that door and keep on checking it. This is the door we home-owners never use. I know at our house, we come through the garage inside door after parking the car.

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Who Is Knocking On Your Door

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Author: Toni Weidman

Experience Counts! I have been selling homes in West Pasco and Pinellas counties-Florida for over 25 years. Craig & I run Trinity Pets Yappy Hour for animal rescues. And a Broker-associate with Sailwinds Realty, Trinity. Craig and I run Trinity Pet Sitters LLC.