Mr. Seller, What Does New Mean

Mr. Seller, What Does New Mean? Is is important to be exact about the ages of appliances, air conditioning, newer roofs?

Yes, the buyers want to be told the truth. If it’s older than they like, they may still buy the home knowing they will have to spend money on replacing things like refrigerators and ranges. It’s good to know that ahead of time and be able to budget for it.

Mr. Seller, What Does New Mean?At a listing appointment a few weeks ago  the owner told me the air conditioner was “new”. And as I always do, I asked when it was replaced? He answered about 5 years ago.

Five years is not new, five years has a lot of mileage on it especially in Florida where we run our a/c for at least three-quarters of the year. Many people won’t be happy with that answer but they will be happy with the fact that the seller was honest and open about it.

Mr. Seller, What Does New Mean


Mr. Seller, What Does New MeanIt is important to be truthful about the age of the appliances, air conditioning, heating, roof and other home systems when listing your home for sale. I always ask the sellers:  you would want to know that if you were buying, wouldn’t you?

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So, Mr. Seller: what does new mean when you’re listing your home?

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Author: Toni Weidman

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