Pasco -Towns and Subdivisions

Before we talk about Pasco Towns and Subdivisions, let’s figure out where it  is. Located mid-state on the west coast;  think just above Tampa. See the red patch on the map.

Pasco County

Pasco -Towns and Subdivisions

What does Pasco County, Florida look Like? Here you go. You can see that we have a lot of waterfront area to the west. And, to the east, farms and ranches. Dade City on the east side of the county is the county seat. Meanwhile, many years ago, the governing fathers decided that since it was such a big county, they would also have government offices on the west side at New Port Richey. Before that change, west coasters had to drive to Dade City to get licenses or tags, or pay taxes.

  • Pasco County was established in 1887, prior to that date it was part of Hernando County. In 1861, Florida seceded from the United States.
  • Somewhere between 1864 and 1867, Peter Baillie and his wife established what is now known as Baillie’s Bluff in the now Holiday area.
  • in 1876, the county leaders  established a post office at Tuckertown , renamed Richland in 1886.
  • Then established the  Anclote post office in 1878.
  • The first post office in Hudson opened in 1882
  • In 1889, St. Leo College was granted a charter.
  • In 1891, John Cheyney started a commercial sponge company called the Anclote and Rock Island Sponge Co.
  • In Dec, 1894, the temperature dropped to 19 degrees in Pasco County killing all the citrus crops.
  • In 1904, the sawmill operation began in Fivay. And the Fivay post office opened too.

The timeline is from A History of Pasco County, click here for more info.

My Area Of Pasco County

My concern is the west side of the county. That’s where I have sold homes for 24 years. If you have any questions about homes in the area of west Pasco, call me or email me.

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Pasco -Towns and Subdivisions 

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