Title Fraud Is Back Again

Title Fraud Is Back Again: I just received this alert from a mortgage broker friend, Mike Chissel. It was sent to him by Total Title Co.

Someone is creating fake email addresses making it look like they are coming from your Title Companies employee. They are stating that their Business Trust account is not currently working therefore they are asking that you use different wiring instructions.

Please advise your clients that if they are asked to wire any monies to any different accounts other than what is already been stated to please confirm with the title company before making any changes.

Title Fraud Is Back Again

It seems like there is a new scheme every week. Don’t these people have anything else to do.

This is new in our area and may not be in your area yet.  BOLO.  Thank you Mike Chissel and Total Title.

As Total Title said “Sharing is Caring”.  I am sharing it with you. Agents need to keep their customers safe, so pass it along. This is something new and we will be dealing with it until it is stopped.

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 Toni Weidman 
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Title Fraud Is Back Again

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Author: Toni Weidman

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