Go Box Essential In Florida

Go Box Essential In Florida

 A “Go Box” contains copies of important documents, equipment, supplies essential for your business to continue to operate, and your insurance policies. Everything you need to run or restart your business. You need all that paperwork to keep your business going. 

Here in Florida, we have those things called Hurricanes once in a while. A hurricane can destroy your office and fling your paperwork to the four points of the compass. Make sure you have your important papers in an emergency box that you can take with you if told to evacuate.

Go Box Essential In Florida. Some Recommendations for Your “Go Box”

1. A copy of an emergency contact list of employees, and phone #s of key customers/clients..
2. Voice mail box # and remote password information and instructions so you can change messages and provide information to employees so they can call in for instructions.
3. Copy of insurance policies, agent contact information.

4. Copy of a list of emergency vendors (contractors, plumbers, electricians, restoration contractors, mold remediation, etc.) Make sure they are still in business in your area.
5. Several copies of your “Authorized Passage Under Emergency Conditions Memo or Letter for when one of your employees loses their letter or it is destroyed. This will give them the okay to enter the workplace or area if it is safe to do so.
6. Copy of Listing of your business vendors & suppliers essential for critical activities
7. Back-up files/tapes or server(s) of electronic data.
8. Copy of essential policies, emergency procedures, Business Continuity Plans

9. General Office supplies: pens, pencils, stapler, tape, paper, plus any special forms, etc.
10. Pictures of  business inside and out. This includes home-based businesses.

And there’s more:

Go Box Essential In Florida. Also you want to have the following documentation required  for an SBA disaster Loan or other type of assistance that might become available:

Corporations/Partnerships:  Copy of 3 years tax returns / 1 year personal tax returns on principles. Sole Proprietorship:  Copy of 3 years tax returns with Schedule C
Sole Proprietorship, Corporations and Partnerships all need the following for loans:
Copy of Current Profit & Loss Statement (within 90 days)
Copy of Listing of inventory
Copy of Schedule of Liability
Copy of Balance sheet (as recent as possible)
Copies of all your required licenses.

Now you know what a “Go Box” is- go get it done before the storms start coming in. Oh, and it’s not just important for Florida. We have severe weather everywhere in the country lately. So no matter where you are–you need a Go Box. And, you can do a Go Box for your personal papers too.
Trinity Pet SittersTrinity Pet Sitters LLC comes to your home to take care of your pet. Call at 727-359-9519.  And we run Trinity Pets Yappy Hour at Varsity Club, Trinity. 


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Go Box Essential In Florida

Sundance Central Railroad Trains

Sundance Central Railroad Trains- Now in Odessa-FL for all who love model trains.

The center at Sundance Central Railroad Trains will be open to the public. Located at 2645 Success Dr, Odessa, FL. and all you model railroad lovers now have something really special to see every third Saturday September through May. Be sure to take a camera with you; this is a fun place to take pictures/videos.  Visit their website here.

They charge $9 for adults and kids under 12 are free. 


Sundance Central RailRoad

Sundance Central Railroad Trains

To explain a little history about the Sundance Central Railroad

  • This railroad is built in Fn3 scale which is 1:20.3 or about twice the size of a Lionel O scale train.
  • The layout is a modular design which allows us to dissemble it and ship it.  It has been to many national Narrow Gauge
  • conventions from Portland Maine to Portland Oregon and has won many of the top modeling awards in the country.
  • The layout has been an on-going collaboration of 7 guys for almost a decade.
  • The set up of the Sundance Central Railroad takes about 15 hours and take down is about 5 hours.
  • The track is aluminum and was all hand laid and hand spiked.
  • Frank Palmer, Richard Schmitt, Dave Revelia, Keith Wolfe, Dale MacKeown and Jim Hopes comprise this talented group of modelers, builders and dreamers.

Finally,to see more information about the Sundance Central Railroad go to their website above.

This local event information brought to you as a courtesy by  Toni Weidman and Trinity Pet Sitters LLC. Please contact the event organizers for further information.

Going on vacation? Home for the holidays? Work long hours? Do your pets need an extra walk, extra feeding or extra loving during the day? Call Trinity Pet Sitters LLC  727-359-9517. We are insured/bonded. And we sponsor and host Trinity Pets Yappy Hour at Varsity Club Trinity. Check it out here.

Buyers Want To Know: What Is A PUD?

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Sundance Central Railroad Trains- Model Trains

Trinity, FL – 3 Car Garage Homes for Sale

Trinity, FL – 3 Car Garage Homes For Sale. If you’re Looking For A Home With A 3 Car Garage In Trinity, FL here’s some information for you. (12/2018)

*To search for 3 Car Garage Homes in Trinity, click here. This is an interactive IDX and is always up-to-date. 

Trinity, FL - 3 Car Garage Homes for SalePhoto from Pinterest
Trinity FL Home Sales Jan-Sept. 2017

Trinity, FL – 3 Car Garage Homes for Sale

3 car garage homes for sale. There are currently 30 homes on the market in Trinity, FL with 3 Car Garages. Homes are in zip code 34655 and specified as Trinity, FL.

The 30 homes in Trinity range from $309,000 in Trinity Oaks East for 2,240 sf of living space, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 3 car garage. Built in 2004.

The highest priced available is in Marisol at Champions Club. Listed at $1,299,500 for 4,319 sf with 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, fireplace, pool, and a 3 car garage. Located off Robert Trent Jones Parkway.

96 homes with 3 or more garages have sold in the past year. Ranging from a sold price of $246,740 for a 2,835 sf home with 4 bedrooms/3 baths built in 2004 in Trinity West; to $1,062,000 for a 4,034 sf, 4 bedroom 4 bath home with a 3 car garage in Florencia at Champions Club.

Trinity, FL – Car Garage Homes For Sale

If having extra garage space is important to you for storing that classic car, new boat, or jet skis just give us a call, we’ll find one for you.

Looking for a home in Trinity, FL?

Trinity Oaks Home Sales in Trinity, FL

We are always tracking the market so call us and we will work hard to find you a home with everything you want in Trinity, FL. Search for homes for sale, click here.


Work long hours and your dog needs walking during the day? Going on vacation and can’t take your pets? For in your home pet sitting, call Trinity Pet Sitters LLC at 727-359-9518. Or check out their website here.


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If you’re thinking of selling, A Market Analysis is free and confidential.

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Trinity, FL – 3 Car Garage Homes for Sale


Pumpkin Patch – Trunk And Treat – Trinity FL

Pumpkin Patch – Trunk And Treat – Trinity FL has a wonderful Pumpkin Patch where you can search for that perfect companion pumpkin. Pumpkin Patch will be open from 10/8/18 to 10/27/18.

Updated hours for 2018: M-F 2pm-8pm; Sat. 11am-8pm, Sun 12pm-8pm. 

Pumpkin Patch – Trunk And Treat – Trinity FL

Hope United Methodist Church in Trinity, Florida is at 2200 Little Road, Trinity – south of SR54.  The pumpkin patch is there again this year! You can check out Hope’s schedule here. 

And, for more precise information regarding hours open, check on their Facebook Page here.

umpkin Patch – Trunk And Treat
What is that strange looking one on the bottom left? Looks like it needs a drink of water. (I have since tasted a blue one and they are delicious.)

Trunk and Treat

Trunk and Treat is Sunday, Oct. 28 starts at 1pm.  Wear costumes and there will be candy. Lots of fun for the family. Check the Facebook page here. 

Come visit us at Trinity Yappy Hour Halloween. October 10 is Costume Contest time. The Pasco Sheriff K9 Unit will be there. We will also have a photographer, who for a donation to the K9 Unit, will take a photo of your pet (and children). It’s at Tijuana Flats in Trinity at 6pm. We will meet on the patio.  Looking forward to seeing you there. There will be raffles and a 50/50 too. Be There! 

How about a visit to the May Stringer House in Brooksville? It’s haunted.
To search homes for sale in the area, Click here or to sell your home (I’m good at it), call me.

Looking for a Pet Sitter for your kitty or dog? Trinity Pet Sitters LLC comes to your home to take care of their needs.
Check the website here.
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Pumpkin Patch – Trunk And Treat – Trinity FL

A Good Night’s Sleep – Dreaming Of One

 A Good Night’s Sleep may not be the easiest thing to get especially now with the summer events piling up on us.  Do you find yourself wide-awake in the middle of the night? I do, so I did some research and found many helpful tips that I hadn’t thought of.

A Good Night's Sleep


Shayna never has a problem sleeping.

A Good Night’s Sleep could be a simple solution.

  • Avoid taking an afternoon nap even though it can be so appealing when you’ve only slept half the night (or less).
  • Make sure your mattress is comfortable. Maximum age is 8-10 years but that is subjective to each person’s preferences. 
  • Keep your mattress and box spring dust free. Vacuum the mattress to reduce allergens which can keep sleep from coming. Cover it with a washable, water-proof mattress cover.
  • Remember, the end game is a good night’s sleep.
  • Avoid alcohol, it may make you feel sleepy at first but will wake you up later. Avoid tobacco and caffeine too.
  • Turn off the tablets, laptops, smart phones. Some claim that the light coming from our modern electronics can liven the brain; causing you to not be able to relax and fall asleep.  Avoid electronics before bedtime.
  • About an hour before bed, stop thinking about conflicts, work problems, and stressful thoughts. Get ready to be calm and quiet. Meditate, read something calming, listen to quiet music.
  • Try to keep pets off the bed. Their movements can disturb you. (Being a pet-owner, I know this is hard to do.)
  • Don’t drink anything in the last two hours before bed. It will help eliminate those middle of the night bathroom trips.

So, if you’re dreaming of a good night’s sleep, check out those hints. This is in no way a medical advice post, merely my observations and research. If you’re still having trouble sleeping, be sure to check with your doctor.

Love your furbaby? Read how to keep them happy and healthy.

Trinity Pet SittersIf there are times when you need a pet sitter for your doggy or kitty, call Trinity Pet Sitters LLC. In your home Pet Sitter to walk, feed, and love your pet when you can’t be there.

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A Good Night’s Sleep

Hurricane Pet Safety

Hurricane Pet Safety

This is Florida and we may hear of a hurricane heading our way during this hurricane season;  it’s important to be ready for your pet’s safety ahead of any storms that may come our way.  You will want to get your pet kit ready if you have to evacuate with your pet. What to put into the kit? BTW, I do this post every year because I think it’s important.

Hurricane Pet Safety

Hurricane Pet Safety

  • Pet medications and medical history. Pet First Aid book
  • Your Veterinarian’s name and number. 
  • Extra leash and collar. Pet caddy.
  • 3 days food in an airtight container; 3 bottles of water per pet.
  • 2 food bowls and water bowls.
  • Litter for cats with litter spoon and disposable bags
  • Toys, treats, dog bones, blankets, bedding, towels.
  • Flea and tick treatments.

Include in the medical history: list of immunizations, list of medications, AKC records, boarding phone number.

Do your research ahead of time and find pet-friendly hurricane shelters (your local emergency management department can help with that). If you’re evacuating, you will need to find pet-friendly motels. Click here for a list of pet-friendly hotels.

If you’re riding out the storm at home, find a safe room for your family and take your pets Hurricane Pet Safetytoo.  Be sure to secure the exits so your pet doesn’t escape; pets panic and get hysterical during the storm and many will be accidentally lost; a cage, caddy or carrier will help. Take photos of your pet (especially unusual markings), also take a photo of your pet and you together as proof if you need to visit shelters after the storm. And be sure to microchip your pet beforehand; a great idea.

Finally, when I was on the Board of the SPCA, the saddest part of the storm’s aftermath was seeing all the lost pets that were brought in afterward. This Hurricane Pet Safety Information will help keep your pet safe and secure.

View a great Hurricane Supply List here.

Visit Trinity Pet Sitters LLC here. We take care of your pets in your home when you can’t. 

Trinity Yappy Hour

Have you been to Trinity Yappy Hour yet? We support a different local animal rescue group each month. Bring your doggies or not. We have so much fun. The second Wednesday of the month at Fiddlers Green 6pm.

Toni Weidman, GRI  

To search homes for sale in the area,  here.

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Hurricane Pet Safety

Trinity Yappy Hour June 2018

Trinity Yappy Hour June 2018 is for E.A.R.S. Rescue on June 13 at 6pm. 

Trinity Yappy Hour is happy to announce our Rescue Sponsor is Able Business Systems, Inc.  of New Port Richey; Able Business Systems is a member of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce and sponsors many community events and programs. They provide all kinds of office equipment to businesses.  Their Facebook page is here. Thank you, Tony Pastore.

Trinity Yappy Hour June 2018

A Little About E.A.R.S Rescue from their website.

E.A.R.S. Rescue, a 501C 3 non-profit, is not just a shelter & sanctuary for animals, but for the people who love and care forhttps://weidmanteam.com/TYH618 them as well.  We pride ourselves on the fact that all our animals are all happy and well taken care of until they find their new home.  As volunteers, we open our hearts and our homes to animals in need, as long as that may be.

We are a small community shelter/sanctuary that knows each of our dogs, their likes and dislikes.  It is this knowledge and attention to detail that will help you find the right dog for your family.

Where We Meet

Trinity Pets Yappy Hour  is held at Varsity Club Trinity on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Check the Facebook page.

Need a Pet Sitter while you vacation or work all day?
Trinity Pet Sitters LLC 

And, you already know that Trinity Yappy Hour is brought to you by Toni Weidman-Sailwinds Realty, Craig Weidman, Trinity Pet Sitters LLC.

Some of our future events are: July- Cindy’s Pets & Costume Contest:  Rescue sponsored by Brightway Insurance; September-Canine Estates: Rescue sponsored by Dreamakers Furniture;  October- Pasco K9 Unit-Halloween Costume Contest: Rescue sponsored by Chad Jackson Painting; November- Florida Retriever Rescue sponsor TBD.

And, our Facebook page is here.  To view info about Trinity Pets Yappy Hour at Varsity Club click here.

You can search homes for sale here.

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Trinity Yappy Hour June 2018


Trinity Oaks Home Sales Jan-April 2018

Trinity Oaks Home Sales Jan-April 2018.  We almost into the hotter part of the year, home sales continue to be very active with low inventory the new normal. This post includes single family homes.

Trinity Oaks Home Sales Jan-April 2018Trinity Oaks in southern West Pasco between Trinity Blvd. and Mitchell Blvd is a well-established neighborhood with a variety of home styles and a park for children to enjoy.Trinity Oaks Elementary School is just down the block. There are no age restrictions there. Lots of shopping and restaurants within an easy drive. The HOA can be accessed here.

Need a Pet Sitter while you vacation or work all day? Call Trinity Pet Sitters LLC at 727-359-9518.

Trinity Oaks Home Sales Jan-April 2018

13 Homes sold in the time period.  
Lowest Sold: $205,000 for a 4/3 built in 1996. With 2,552 sf and pool.
Highest Sold: $405,000 built in 1994. With 2,743 sf and pool.

Average List Price: $321,569
Average Closed Price: $315,377
Average Square Feet:  2,317
Average Days to Contract: 63
List To Sold Price Ratio: 98%

There were no short-sales or REOs in this time period.

Pending Homes total 6 at this time.
Lowest List Price: $275,000 built in 1993. With 1,992 sf and pool.
Highest List Price: $359,000. A 4/3 with 2,558 sf and pool; built in 1998.

Homes Currently Available total 4.
Lowest List Price: $321,900. a 4/3 and pool built in 1993.
Highest List Price: $374,900. 5/3 and pool with 2,591 sf built in
1994. You can search homes currently active here. 

Which schools would your child attend if you lived in Trinity Oaks?


Trinity Elementary 
Seven Springs Middle
J.W. Mitchell High 


Need a Pet Sitter while you vacation or work all day? Call Trinity Pet Sitters LLC at 727-359-9518.

Being one of the first Trinity subdivisions built in early to mid ’90s, it was, at first, a subdivision in New Port Richey; but Trinity has grown since then to become Trinity. However, it still shares the 34655 zip code with New Port Richey. 

Trinity has extended it’s reach toward the east and there are several subdivisions being built out on State Road 54. 

Thousand Oaks Home Sales Jan-April, 2018

Been to Trinity Yappy Hour? 

Toni Weidman, GRI
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Trinity Oaks Home Sales Jan-April 2018


Our Visitor Is A Red Shouldered Hawk

Red-shouldered Hawk comes to visit in Timber Greens, New Port Richey-Florida

Our Visitor Is A Red Shouldered Hawk

Our Visitor Is A Red Shouldered Hawk.  Okay, it was the Fourth of July and you were expecting maybe an eagle but this beautiful Red-shouldered Hawk was prancing around on my neighbors bushes. (updated 6/2016).

He had a hawk-eye out for the anoles (lizards) hiding in them. I took a picture of him on the bushes but then he decided to give me an even better picture to take. I think he’s gorgeous (so does he). He was our Fourth of July gift.

Our Visitor Is A Red Shouldered Hawk

Our Visitor Is A Red Shouldered Hawk

They eat lizards, toads, and small birds. They will also try to grab rabbits, squirrels, and other creatures of that size. Yesterday, I watched him go after a small white heron in the pond. The heron got away. And, you need to keep your cats and small dogs inside if they are around. They may not be able to eat them but they will try to grab them and pick them up to fly off with them.

Our Visitor Is A Red Shouldered Hawk

Just a note: I broke a toe rushing out to get these pictures. Oh well, it only hurt for a little bit and it was worth it!
We love living in Timber Greens. It’s a gated, golf community for 55+.  It is gated/with guards (24/7).And, so very friendly.
 We have so many wild critters including deer, foxes, the occasional bobcat, hawks, kites (a bird), herons, egrets, storks.
Timber Greens is off River Crossing Blvd., between Little and Starkey Roads in New Port Richey, FL.
Take a look at this Florida Moose
And a Cardinal in Timber Greens
Trinity Pet SittersIf you need a pet sitter while you’re out at work or on a mini or long vacation, call Trinity Pet Sitters LLC  at 727-359-9518.
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Toni Weidman, GRI
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Save A Life; Adopt A Shelter Pet

Our Visitor Is A Red Shouldered Hawk

Paw Wash Plus – Wash Your Dog Yourself

Paw Wash Plus – Wash Your Dog Yourself. 

 No clogged drains, aching back, or supplies to buy. And 

Paw Wash Plus - a Self-Service Pet Grooming Shop

 your pet loves the fact that you are bathing him rather than someone he doesn’t know. Some of them still might not love it.

Paw Wash Plus is family owned and operated in New Port Richey-FL. Kim and John Crane are the owners and they are such great people, and huge animal lovers.

Paw Wash Plus – Wash Your Dog Yourself

All of their products are Best Care Grooming Products. Or, if you prefer, they can do the washing and grooming. And, they support many  rescue groups in the local area. 

They sell wonderful pet foods, and baked pet treats and birthday cakes. There are leashes, collars, sweaters and all kinds pet things. Paw Wash Plus also has a pet-sitting service and a mobile service. They will come to you.

You can shop on-line and receive their monthly newsletter and emails for specials they have each month. You and your pets will love this shop, the Crane family and their staff.

Paw Wash Plus is at 2319 Seven Springs Blvd., New Port Richey, Fl. 34655  727-375-7070, visit their website here.  They now have a second location at 6343 Massachusetts Ave in New Port Richey.  727-847-3030

 Check out their Facebook page too   They are open Mon – Sat 8 am – 5 pm / Sun 9 am – 5 pm. Early drop-off can be arranged. They also host Barktoberfest every October and that is a really fun event with the doggies in costumes.

Support your local businesses.

Take a look at Gracewood in River Ridge

Toni Weidman
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Save A Life; Adopt A Shelter Pet

Paw Wash Plus – Wash Your Dog Yourself