Hurricane Names 2017 Eastern US-Supply List

Hurricane Names 2017 Eastern US

According to the Old Farmers Almanac, the name hurricane  is from the Native American word Hurakons meaning a great spirit who commanded the east wind. Spanish explorers used the word and named the storms after patron saints. To see the 2018 Hurricane Names, click here.

Hurricane Names 2017 Eastern US

Hurricane Names 2017 Eastern US

An Australian weatherman gave a storm the first female name and meteorologists in the military named the storms after their wives/girlfriends. Someone named Bob was the first male recipient of a Hurricane named after him. 

Every six years, a whole set of new names is picked by the World Meteorological Organization. Names of very bad storms are never used again. No-one wants a storm to be named Katrina ever again.



Arlene Harvey Ophelia
Bret Irma Philippe
Cindy Jose Rina
Don Katia Sean
Emily Lee Tammy
Franklin Maria Vince
Gert Nate Whitney


Use the Safir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale to determine wind speeds . 

Category Average Wind (mph) Representative Hurricanes
Category One      74 – 95 Danny; 1997
Category Two      96 – 110 Bonnie & Georges; 1998
Category Three      111 – 129 Rita; 2005
Category Four      130 – 156 Charley; 2004
Category Five      157 + Andrew; 1992

Retired Atlantic Hurricane names

About 39% of hurricanes striking the U.S. hit Florida; and two-thirds of the strongest hurricanes (class 4-5) hit Florida or Texas. View the Retired Hurricane names and year Retired Atlantic Hurricane Names

Finally,  here’s a comprehensive list of supplies you may need when a hurricane blows our way.  Hurricane Supply Lists

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Be sure to keep an eye on the weather when the meteorologists start talking about a storm developing in our part of the world. And, if you’re closing on a house, be aware that the closing could be delayed: insurance is not issued while the storm is in our area.  Stay Safe!

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Hurricane Names 2017 Eastern US