Safety Tips for Halloween

[S]afety Tips For Halloween are important.Trick or Treating is such a fun time for kids.  But it can be scary too and IMO it gets a little scarier each year.  Here are some smart ideas to make sure you all have a Happy Halloween.

Safety Tips for Halloween

Safety Tips For Halloween

  • Always look for the Flame Retardant label when purchasing costumes. Avoid costumes with filmy materials or wings or long sleeves.
  • Use reflective tape to decorate or trim your child’s costume/clothing; trim that will glow in a car’s headlights. Bags or sacks should also have reflective trim. Reflective tape can be found in hardware and sporting goods stores.
  • Children should also carry flashlights to be able to see hazards in front of them.
  • Apply a mask with cosmetics rather than using a facemask. The facemask can obscure vision and/or restrict breathing. If you choose to use a mask, make sure it allows them full vision.
  • Costumes should not be so long that the child is tripping over the hem.
  • Have them wear sturdy shoes that fit well. Momma’s High heels are not a good idea.
  • Hats and scarfs should be tied properly so that they don’t become a vision blocker.
  • Swords, knifes, and other weapons should be of soft and flexible material.
  • Children should never enter a home or apartment unless an adult accompanies them.
  • Stay away from candlelit pumpkins on a porch; costumes can easily ignite.
  • Warn children not to eat any treats until you have a chance to look them over. Check all edibles in the bag that your child brings home. Report anything suspicious found in there to your local Sheriff/Police.

These Safety Tips for Halloween will help ensure a Happy Halloween for everyone. Be very careful out there this Halloween.

Toni Weidman
Florida Luxury, Trinity


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Save A Life: Adopt A Shelter Pet

SafetyTips for Halloween

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Author: Toni Weidman

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