Multi Generation Living Is Back Again

Multi generation Living Is Back Again

What is  Multi Generation Living -You probably thought multi-generation families living together went out in the middle of the last century. Well, they’re back again.

What you need to know: Many years back, before the post-WWII housing boom, the generations lived together in one home. Grandparents, parents, grandchildren, sometimes aunts and uncles all shared a
Multi Generation Livinghome. This was actually a great way to share the workload. The younger gener- ations could work and bring in money, and the grandparents would take care of the youngest. Then as the grandparents grew older the middle generations took care of them.

Multi Generation Living Is Back Again

The housing boom after World War II changed that. Homes were affordable and easy for returning vets to get. Multi-generational living faded away to be replaced by single-family units. The older generation now moved to 55+ areas.

The very recent economy melt-down changed that for many families. With so many having lost their homes, grown children with families of their own are moving back in with parents and/or grandparents who can take care of the younger generation while the parents work. Nearly 50 million Americans are now living in multi-generational situations.

Why is this important to us as real estate agents?

They have different needs than single unit families.

Definitely Look for Privacy– all family members must have a place to call their own: a split bedroom plan is a must for the family with an elderly member to have peace and quiet when needed. Or a spot for a college-age member to be able to work, have friends in. Perhaps a basement or garage that can be converted.

Multi-generation Living needs lots of closet space. Everyone needs a place to keep their things-whether it’s clothes, photo albums, medicines, toys; all must be planned for when picking a home. Is there room for 2 sets of living-room furniture? Garage/parking: many homeowner’s associations do not allow cars parked on the street; can the garage and driveway accommodate all the vehicles the family has?

Transitional Multi-generational – Some multi-generational living will only be for a specific period: till someone graduates and is on their own. Or money saved for a down payment on a home, or a finds a job in a different area. Look for areas of a home that are easily converted back when that time comes.

When you market a home that can be used as a multi-generational home, be sure to point out these features: privacy, storage, and easy conversion.

Multi Generation Living

Multi-gen members are usually all part of the search process, so be ready to show a large group. I once had 9 people and 3 or 4  (I lost count) children with me on a showing. They arrived in several cars and a van. See note above about parking space.

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Multi Generation Living Is Back Again

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Author: Toni Weidman

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