Magnolias In Florida Are Magnificent

Magnolias In Florida Are Magnificent

I read Kwee Huset’s excellent Magnolia post yesterday, and remembered that I took a picture of a lovely magnolia at the Flower and Garden Show in Epcot.  I wanted to know a little more about Magnolias and I found out that there are fossilized Magnolia specimens from 20 million years ago. Magnolias existed before the bees that pollinate them!

Magnolias In Florida
Photo by Toni Weidman at Epcot Flower and Garden Show Disney World.

Magnolias In Florida Are Magnificent

What I like about this magnificent flower is the scent and the creaminess of the blossoms. Magnolias are very popular in Florida. My neighborhood is full of them and they are all so beautiful with their charming white blossoms and dark, glossy leaves. They always make me thing of Gone With The Wind and southern hospitality. There are pink magnolias too but not in my neighborhood right now. Those are pretty too, but I still love those white ones. Yes, they are messy but it’s worth it for the beauty you get.

There’s a restaurant in Auburndale, FL called Sweet Magnolia’s Tea Room set in a home built in 1908. I’m going to have to visit there one day soon. Auburndale is close to Lakeland. Road Trip! We go through that area quite often and will stop next time.

Toni Weidman
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Magnolias In Florida

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