Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

To Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween; follow these tips.

It’s Halloween again. When my son was little Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloweenit was fun but also a night to worry. We did everything we could to insure his safety, including hanging in the background to see that nothing bad happened.  Some of these tips below will help make sure their staying safe.

Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

  • Always look for the Flame Retardant label when purchasing costumes. Avoid costumes with filmy materials or wings or long sleeves. 
  • Use reflective tape to decorate or trim your child’s costume/clothing; trim that will glow in a car’s headlights especially if the costume is very dark or black with no coloration. Bags or sacks should also have reflective trim. You can find reflective tape in hardware and sporting goods store and it sure helps motorists avoid running anyone over.

  • Children should carry flashlights which are most easily seen by motorists and to be able to see hazards in front of them.

  • Make a mask with cosmetics and not using a face-mask. The face-mask can obscure vision and/or restrict breathing. If you choose to use a mask, make sure it fits properly to allow them full vision and breathing. 

  • Costumes should not be so long that the child trips over the hem. They can fall in the road and a driver may not be able to stop in time.

  • They should wear sturdy shoes that fit well. High heels are not a good idea.

  • Hats and scarfs should be tied properly so that they don’t block vision. Scarfs are probably not a good idea as  someone can be grab it too easily.

  • Swords, knifes, and other weapons should be of soft and flexible material.

  • Tell your children to never go inside a home or apartment unless mom or dad accompanies them.

  • Be careful of candlelit pumpkins on a porch; costumes can easily ignite.

  • Warn children not to eat any treats until you have a chance to look them over. Check all edibles in the bag that your child brings home. Report anything suspicious found in there to your local Sheriff/Police.

Halloween also means you need to keep your pets safe too.Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

Keep them inside.  If they are easily frightened, keep them locked in another room where they are away from the ringing door bell and noisy gatherings at the door. Pets can become disoriented if they get out so please protect them too.

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Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

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Author: Toni Weidman

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