Is Your Cell Phone Dirty

Is Your Cell Phone Dirty You’re eating a fast food lunch and your cell phone rings. You have to talk to this person so you hit the screen. Your fingers may have grease or mayo on them. Now you have food on your phone. Food grows bacteria if left to sit for a bit. Now you have germs on your phone. Yuck.Is Your Cell Phone Dirty

Does anyone remember this guy and his shoe phone. Old Maxwell Smart wasn’t really so smart. I never saw him clean his shoe phone, did you? Is that why we call them smart phones?

Is Your Cell Phone Dirty

Talk is that some cell phones are dirtier than toilets. Sharing your cellphone is never a good idea because while your germs probably won’t hurt you, other people’s can. Remote controls are also germ incubators, shopping cart handles, and the first floor button in elevators, oh heck, all the buttons in an elevator. Let’s not even discuss hospital door knobs or just the air you breath.

How To Clean Your Cell Phone

But I digress, back to your phone. Is Your Cell Phone Dirty? How do you clean that dirty cell phone. Give your phone a swipe with an anti-bacterial wipe, don’t use a liquid cleaner.  Do this often. You can use a disposable wipe made specifically for electronic devices. 

There are devices you can buy that uses a UV light to kill up to 99% of bacteria on your cell.  They cost between $50-$100. (I think I’ll stick to a disposable wipe).

Read more about it here. I’ve watched some friends eat, put food in their mouth with their fingers and then touch the surface of their phones. Yuck. Well, have a great lunch today.

Now that your cell phone is all neat and tidy; how about that tablet, MP3 player, ear buds, iPod?

Here’s more cleaning for you: 6 Things You Probably Never Clean.

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Is Your Cell Phone Dirty

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Author: Toni Weidman

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