Invited To Group Boards on Pinterest

Invited to Group Boards On Pinterest

Invited to Group Boards on PinterestAre you on Pinterest? I see some of my friends on Pinterest ignore or accept a group invite but never pin anything to it. Why not pin something to the board. Stay within the guidelines, some boards are fussier than others so check out the rules first.

I think some of Pinterest pinners probably don’t understand what being added to a group on Pinterest means.

Invited To A Group Board

Invited To Group Boards on Pinterest

  • When someone invites you to one of their group boards; you can accept of ignore the invite. If it’s someone you know, (usually it’s one of your followers) you can feel safe. If you don’t know them, take a look at their Pinterest site to see what else they have.
  • Take a look at the board you have been invited to and definitely check on the other pinners to the board. You can do that in the upper left corner. If you click on the +372, you will see the list of all the pinners to this group. You can see if a lot of folks you know are in it.

    What are the advantages of being in a group board?

  • Well, you may like the topic but not want to set up your own board, preferring instead to have one with lots of pins already in place Or you may look at what’s posted in the group and like a lot of pins. I was invited to a board called Stunning Pools and they are (stunning). I know a lot of regular folks like to see those gorgeous million $ pools so I accepted the invitation.
  • When you join a group, that group board shows up in your list of boards. Anyone landing on your board, may be interested in the group board topic and keep returning, or follow you.
  • Being on a board can get you lots more followers, many of which come from that group board.
  • You can also invite your friends to the group board (in most cases).  Some boards don’t allow it so be sure to check the rules first.
  • If you feel, after a while, that this board isn’t for you; you can go to the upper left area again, click on it;  click remove next to your name. I have done that with some boards after realizing that most of the pinners were maybe a little weird.

I’m on several of other pinners’ boards; a few of my friends’ boards, and I have boards that I share with friends.  It adds to the fun of being on Pinterest.

One other thing you may not realize about Pinterest, you can comment on pins and sometimes have a conversation with friends or people you don’t know. It adds to the sociability and who knows who you will meet…Maybe that next customer.

If you do get invited to group boards on Pinterest, check it out first before you say ignore. It might be fun and Pinteresting.

Toni Weidman
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Invited To Group Boards on Pinterest

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Author: Toni Weidman

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