Hurricane Hunters -Our Heroes

Hurricane Hunters -Our Heroes. The Hurricane Hunters of Tampa FL have been flying into the eye of the storm since 1944.

We have a storm named Erika heading up our way from Cuba. It doesn’t look like it will be a major problem for us but the one thing I’ve learned living in Florida is that storms are not to be trusted. This one could tilt direction and be on top of us or out in the Gulf of Mexico. We’ll wait and see meantime we have these brave people on the Hurricane Hunters squad out there flying through the storm to check it out.

Hurricane Hunters -Our Heroes

Hurricane Hunters -Our HeroesThe 53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron AKA: the Hurricane Hunters is still flying into tropical storms and hurricanes. What do they do in there when they fly into the storms? They measure wind, direction, velocity and, most important, barometric pressure inside the storm. Dropping barometric pressure cannot be determined by satellite weather detection; and is an important indicator of the gathering strength of the storm.

NOAA at MacDill AFB in Tampa uses two P-3s nicknamed Kermit and Miss Piggy and a G IV nicknamed Gonzo. This unit is based at MacDill AFB in Tampa and flies out daily when a storm is threatening.

A hurricane reconnaissance or research mission can last from 8–10 hours. Once this data is received and checked by the crew, it is sent to the NOAA for analysis. Crew on board are pilots, navigators, engineers, technicians, and meteorologists

Take a cyber-flight on a hurricane hunter from McDill AFB. Click here. All photos courtesy of the Hurricane Hunters website.

I just checked the weather again and it looks like this one is has fizzled but we’ll see. Thanks to the Hurricane Hunters for keeping us “in the know”. 

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