Go Box-What Is It? Why Do You Need It?

Go Box -What Is It? Why Do You Need It? Is your business safe in the event of severe Go Box -What Is It? Why Do You Need It?weather or other natural disaster? We are right in the middle of hurricane season in Florida. Probably, you should have a Go Box ready to take with you if you need to evacuate.

A Go Box contains copies of important documents, equipment, supplies essential for your business to continue to operate, and your insurance policies. Undoubtedly, everything you need to run or restart your business.

Some Recommended Items for Your  Go Box.

1. A copy of an emergency contact list of employees, and phone #s of key customers/clients..
2. Voice mail box # and remote password information and instructions so you can change messages and provide information to employees so they can call in for instructions.
3. Copy of insurance policies, agent contact information.

4. Copy of a list of emergency vendors (contractors, plumbers, electricians, restoration contractors, mold remediation, etc.) Make sure they are still in business in your area.

And a few more:
5. Several copies of your “Authorized Passage Under Emergency Conditions Memo or Letter in case one of your employees loses their letter or it is destroyed. This will provide them with the okay to enter the workplace or area if it is safe to do so.
6. Copy of a listing of your business vendors & suppliers essential for critical activities
7. Back-up files/tapes or server(s) of electronic data.
8. Copy of essential policies, emergency procedures, Business Continuity Plans

9. General Office supplies: pens, pencils, stapler, tape, paper, plus any special forms, etc.
10. Pictures of  business inside and out. This includes home-based businesses.

Go Box -What Else:  you need to have the following documentation required  for an SBA disaster Loan or other type of assistance that might become available.

  • Corporations/Partnerships:  Copy of 3 years tax returns / 1 year personal tax returns on principles. Sole Proprietorship: Copy of 3 years tax returns with Schedule C.
  • Sole Proprietorships, Corporations and Partnerships all need the following for loans:
  • Copy of Current Profit & Loss Statement (within 90 days)
  • Copy of Listing of inventory
  • A Copy of Schedule of Liability
  • Copy of Balance sheet (as recent as possible)
  • Copies of all your required licenses.

Go Box -What Is It? Why Do You Need It?

Now you know what a Go Box is-  go get it done before the storms start coming in. Oh, and it’s not just important for Florida. We have severe weather everywhere in the country lately. So, no matter where you are–you need a Go Box.
Finally, you should have one for your home too.

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Toni Weidman
Broker Associate
Sailwinds Realty

Go Box-What Is It? Why Do You Need It? Go Box Go Box

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Author: Toni Weidman

Experience Counts! I have been selling homes in West Pasco and Pinellas counties-Florida for over 25 years. Craig & I run Trinity Pets Yappy Hour for animal rescues. And a Broker-associate with Sailwinds Realty, Trinity. Craig and I run Trinity Pet Sitters LLC.