Florida History On Facebook

Florida History On Facebook. If you’re like me you love to learn about the history of the place you live in. I like knowing who settled it, what were the first families like, did they stay or leave to find a more welcoming spot, how long did they survive in their new environment. 

Florida History On Facebook

If you want to know more about Florida history, there’s a group on Facebook called History of Florida Pre-1900’s.  Click on the link to go straight there.  I’m amazed at the things I have learned about Florida and it’s first residents  and the old photographs are wonderful to see. Members post family photos of the old homestead or the old town. 

Florida History On Facebook

Alpine Park at DeFuniak Courtesy of Lyn Augustine Chilton who heads the group.

Many settlers made their way to Florida in the late 1800’s. (I can’t think what that was like with no a/c, and those long dresses and petticoats that the ladies wore). I’m sure they would find it much more comfortable now.

Old town names have changed and some old towns are lost in the mist of time,  but they live on in photos and stories that are passed down through the generations. 

I wonder if those folks would be shocked to see Central Florida now? What would they make of Mickey and the giant that Disney World has become? Take a look at Florida History On Facebook. It will change your perspective.

Whose Knocking On Your Front Door?

If you’re thinking of moving to Florida, you might enjoy looking at the information on this page.  Not that you will incur any of these things but if one of those people were to come back what would they think!  Things have changed!

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