Email SunPass Invoice Is A Phishing Scam

Email SunPass Invoice Is A Phishing Scam. 3-4 weeks ago, I received an email supposedly from the SunPass billing office. I checked it thoroughly and discovered that the sender had a lot of foreign phrases within the backside of the email so I deleted it

Email SunPass Invoice Is A Phishing Scam

Email SunPass Invoice Is A Phishing ScamWe have SunPass stickers on our cars that scan as we go through tollbooths. Then they are charged against our SunPass  prefilled account. So this an invoice is something that should never happen.

Yesterday, I received a notice from the same source, telling me that my account was going to collection because I hadn’t paid the $3.00 they asked for the first time. (Oh please, a $3.00 collection case-the collection company would laugh their heads off).

The invoice doesn’t actually say SunPass. It used SunBiz, so make sure the any invoice you get contains the FDOT logo.

I figured Himself was going to start getting upset so I had him call FDOT. They said that this is a phishing scam, and we should just ignore it. A phishing scam defined by Wikipedia is an attempt to gain access to your email, credit info and bank account info.

She also said that FDOT (who administers SunPass) would never email an invoice. Invoices are sent snail mail from FDOT (Florida Dept. of Transportation).

Email SunPass Invoice Is A Phishing Scam: If you are getting emails demanding money for toll booths, just ignore them, delete them, block them. Their aim is to get you to open the email links and give them your access information.

My question is: How did they get our email? Has FDOT been hacked? The first notice arrived about 3 days after we drove down the Suncoast (which we don’t do often, only maybe twice a month). How would they know when we drove on the Suncoast? Be careful out there.

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You can be sure, I’ll be checking further into that.

Toni Weidman
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Email SunPass Invoice Is A Phishing Scam

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Author: Toni Weidman

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