Easy Make Cute Garden Guy

Easy Make Cute Garden Guy

This Easy To Make Cute Garden Guy was just waiting for me when I was walking around at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Show. You can find interesting things that you may want to make at home. Most of them have the instructions posted near by.

t was love at first sight when I spotted this handsome fellow.  There were even instructions to make your own. You can print this post using the Print Friendly button below.

Easy Make Cute Garden Guy

Easy Make Cute Garden Guy

For this Easy Make Cute Garden Guy just follow the instructions below. In case you are sight-challenged (like me), I’ve rewritten them for you.

  1. Cut two ropes for arms and two longer ropes for legs.
  2. Arms –  string 4” squat terracotta pots through holes, knotting between pots for spacing.
  3. Legs – string 4” terracotta pots through holes, knotting between pots.
  4. Thread both arm ropes through a 6” pot for the head.Easy Make Cute Garden Guy
  5. Thread both leg ropes through an 8” pot for the body.
  6. Continue leg ropes through a second 8’  body pot.
  7. Attach the two body pots with outdoor glue (top to top edges). Let Dry. Tie off leg ropes extending through top pot.
  8. Glue head and arms to body.
  9. Glue moss between pots as needed.
  10. Add fashion accessories (okay, it doesn’t say that) like hat, gloves, scarf or whatever you have in mind. v

And your pot guy is g
ood to go. Thanks to Epcot and the Florida Nursery, Growers, and Landscape Association aka FNGLA – I think he’s adorable. I guess he could easily be a she also. The girls have straw hats and little skirts on. 

Easy Make Cute Garden GuyEasy Make Cute Garden Guy

Hope you enjoy my garden pot guy!

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