Easter Lilies- Poisonous To Your Cat

Easter Lilies- Poisonous To Your Cat

 I will never buy an Easter Lily again even though I love them and everyone in my family loves them.  But according to the ASPCA and FDA, Easter Lilies can cause the following symptoms: vomiting, loss of appetite, lethargy, kidney failure and death is a possible too. 
 Easter Lilies- Poisonous To Your Cat

Easter Lilies- Poisonous To Your Cat

The FDA says the entire plant is poisonous including the pollen. FDA warns that if you suspect your cat has ingested any of the lily (not just Easter Lilies), call your vet immediately. Even the pollen if they brush against it can be hazardous. And it could be just a few grains of pollen licked off their fur.

Dogs may have gastrointestinal issues but nothing life threatening.

If Easter Lilies-Poisonous to Your Cat. Why have it in your home? The list includes Tiger, Asiatic, Day and Japanese Show Lilies. Lily of the Valley is toxic too.

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Easter Lilies- Poisonous To Your Cat

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