Curling Iron Injuries and Safety

Curling Iron Injuries: I was using my curling iron a couple of days ago and it slipped from my hand. It landed on my face, right next to my right eye. Without a doubt, it hurt and I now have a red mark running down my face next to my eye.  I’m really lucky it didn’t touch my eye. I wondered how many people are injured by their curling irons.

Curling Iron Injuries

Did you know curling irons have been around for over 100 years?

Curling Iron Injuries

I found a lot of information on curling iron injuries on Google. It was interesting to see how many children are hurt by grabbing the iron part while it is hot. (56%). In an older group 60% of injuries were burns to the cornea.

What Curling Iron Injuries Can Occur

The problem is that many of us use them everyday and become casual about their use.

Most injuries occur when curling or straightening bangs or the small hairs on the back of the neck. What are the dangers of curling irons?

Burns: Curling irons are made to be much hotter than they used to. Women don’t want to take more time than necessary which demands a higher heat. The irons can easily slip from your hand especially the larger sizes that are harder to maneuver.

Corneal Burns can lead to loss of vision depending on the severity and location of the burn. Burns need rapid treatment at an emergency facility.

Fires: I once had a curling iron explode at the plug and start smoking. So, yes, there is a danger of fires if you’re not in the room when it happens. Always unplug it from the outlet as soon as you’re finished.

Electrocution: A sink full of water or water running when you’re using it is not good. Any kind of distraction can cause a disaster.

What To Do If You’re Burned

Place ice on it if it is a non-emergency burn (which is what I did). Then moisturize with a gentle moisturizer. Aloe works well.

If we meet, you will recognize me by the brownish red scar on my face. Hopefully that will go away. Update: The scar is gone.

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Curling Iron Injuries

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