Cold Weather In Florida

Cold Weather In Florida. Cold weather is heading our way on Friday morning. We are expecting temperatures at or below freezing in the New Port Richey area. Most people who don’t live in Florida think we have hot, humid weather all year round. Well, we don’t. We have winter too but it’s not as severe are the frozen north. Our winter days tend to only hang out for a day or three.

Still, when you’re used to 80’s and 90’s for most of the year, 30’s are a challenge and we don’t keep much in the way of heavy clothing around for the few times we might need it.  If we can stay home and keep warm under an afghan or blanket, we do.

We enjoy the chance to drink hot chocolate with marshmallows and have comfort food (soups, stews) to warm us up inside and out.

Cold Weather In FloridaFrom WFLA Weather except for the Brrr which I added 🙂

As a precursor, Thursday, during the day, the temperature will not rise above 56 with heavy winds and a wind chill factor in the 20’s to 30’s. Craig was hoping not to have to drag out the old sheets and blankets that we use to cover the bushes and plants this winter, but we will be doing it Thursday to try to save them from freezing. The yards look so funny with their plant “ghosts”.

Cold Weather in Florida. I say this every year but it always bears repeating:

Please bring in your pets!

Cold Weather In Florida

Pets cannot tolerate the cold any better than we can, so please be a kind and humane pet parent and bring them all in.

Cold Weather In Florida

Saturday will be considerably warmer and Sunday will be almost summer-like. There’s one thing you can say about Florida’s cold weather.  It doesn’t last more than a day or two and we don’t have to shovel it!

Toni Weidman
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Author: Toni Weidman

Experience Counts! I have been selling homes in West Pasco and Pinellas counties-Florida for over 25 years. Craig & I run Trinity Pets Yappy Hour for animal rescues. And a Broker-associate with Sailwinds Realty, Trinity. Craig and I run Trinity Pet Sitters LLC.