Clean Shower Doors – Easy Tips

Clean Shower Doors & Tiles- Easy Tips. So Your house is up for sale and you cleaned it up perfectly; but you still need to use the shower everyday. How do you keep the glass doors and tiles clean and spot-free?

 Here are a few things to try to Clean Shower Doors & Tiles- Easy:


  • Spray Rain-X on the glass doors after cleaning. Use a soft towel to wipe it down until dry. Rain-X can be found in automotive shops or departments. It’s used for helping to keep windshields free of rain.
  • Use a dishwasher rinsing agent like Jet-dry to spray the tiles. Water and soap scum will sheet off the walls. Be careful, this stuff is strong. Use gloves, and shield your eyes. Test on a small area.Clean Shower Doors - Easy Tips
  • Use softener sheets to clean the glass doors. Wet them and rub the door and rinse.
  • Use a squeegee for cleaning water of walls and doors. Keep one in the shower so everyone can do it after they shower.
  • Use 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar in a spray bottle; allow the solution to set for 10 minutes (to soften the soap scum); wipe off with clean water in a bucket; wipe with a clean towel. dampen a clean cloth with baby oil and wipe all the walls and doors.

These are several ways to clean your shower doors & walls,  and keep them clean. Try whichever ones suit you best. Be careful when trying something new. Only use it on a small corner first, be sure to wear armor (gloves, and eye shields).

If you have a newer glass door, you may have a special coating that only calls for a squeegee to be used. Using anything else could damage the coating.

If that doesn’t sell your house, call me….I can.

Toni Weidman

Toni Weidman

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Clean Shower Doors – Easy Tips

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Author: Toni Weidman

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