Hurricane Turned Church Around

Hurricane Turned Church Around

I have driven by this charming building in the heart of downtown New Port Richey Florida hundreds of times; I never knew it had quite a history. It is the original parish for Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church. When the building was dedicated in March, 1919, it was located in a different area, and faced south.

Hurricane Turned Church Around

Hurricane Turned Church Around

In 1921, a  hurricane hit the area and the church was heavily damaged, lifted up and brought back down to face west. Father Felix Unger, who was praying at the time, was unharmed (proving, once again, prayer does work). He let the church stay facing west because he said, “If that’s the way God wants it, we’ll just have to leave it that way.”

A new church home replaced this one in a different location in 1966, and this building was moved by the City of New Port Richey to it’s present location in 2001. Renovation was finished in 2005.

Hurricane Turned Church Around

This tiny building can be seen at Orange Lake in New Port Richey, FL. Looking at it, it’s hard to think that it was lifted and turned, And all with Father Unger inside. And survived! Both he and the church.

New Port Richey is on the West Coast of Florida, west of Tampa and north of Tarpon Springs. The center contains Sims Park where most of the community events take place along the banks of the Pithlachascotee River.  Renovations of Sims Park occurred  in 2016 with a lovely children’s play area now.

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