6 Things You Probably Never Clean

6 Things You Probably Never Clean. Well, maybe not never clean but not very often. Most of the time, we miss these things. They just aren’t on the Gotta-Clean-That-Now scope.  I’m sure you can think of others,  just put it in a comment.

6 Things You Probably Never Clean

You may not want to think about this because I know how busy you are. Too busy to think of everything: that’s why I’m putting this out as a reminder.  Here goes.

  1. Take a look at your shower head and the hose leading 6 Things You Probably Never Cleanup to it. Is it pinkish or 50 shades of gray? It needs cleaning! 
  2. The bars on your shower doors (inside); feel the underside of them. Are they slimy? They need cleaning. How about the door track too? Use white vinegar and water.
  3. Faucets need an extra swipe with your cleaner; especially around the base. Don’t forget to clean the bottom and mesh area of the kitchen faucet (with a nice, clean cloth or paper towel).
  4. Knobs on kitchen cabinets. They tend to get food, cookie dough,6 Things You Probably Never Clean and sugary things stuck to them. Give them a swipe using water with white vinegar added to it. While you’re at it, wipe down the cabinets doors too. Don’t forget the top and side edges, and the framework.
  5. How about those ceiling fans, cleaned the blades lately? Try using a long-handled duster; spread out a sheet (one you are putting in the wash) on the floor or bed and have at it (after you’re done with the fans shake the sheet outside before putting it in the washer. Don’t forget to clean the tops and sides of the fan housing.
  6. The drawer under your oven. I store my pot lids there and  find crumbs and all kinds of food things in mine so take it out – clean it out. You can clean the floor under the drawer then too: Get rid of those dust bunnies.There are the 6 Things You Probably Never Clean. I’m sure there are lots more if I think about it long enough but that’s enough to get you started and I don’t have time right now, I have to go clean my shower head.

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If you’re thinking of selling; read Pricing Your Home For Sale.

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6 Things You Probably Never Clean

Writers Block -What To Write About

Let’s look at Writers Block  -What To Write About.  Writer’s Block is a real problem; one that can keep you off the blog site for days or weeks at a time.  You may have the nugget of an idea for a blog but can’t seem to make it fatten up to be a full post.

Writers Block -What To Write AboutWikipedia describes it as a loss of the ability to produce new work; or when a writer suffers a creative slowdown. For me, it’s a loss of interest in any of the topics that I should blog about. Most times it is temporary and comes back in a day or two. Sometimes I need a nudge to get going; or, even better, a list of topics to look through. Usually I come up with something from that. Because of that, I keep a list of post topics in my Docs. I reread it when I need to.

Writers Block -What To Write About

Businesses in your area – new or old ones
Events happening in your area
Tips on photography, techie updates.
What a buyer should know about your area.
Why a buyer would want to use you to help them buy their new home.
What a seller needs to know when selling.
Why a seller would want to use you to sell their home.(It’s okay to brag-we  understand).
What is involved in a closing.
What does the seller/buyer need to bring to closing.
What does the buyer need to know about inspections.
What does the seller need to know about inspections. (these are differing  viewpoints).
How to conquer Social Media.
How to Pinterest, Instagram,Twitter etc.
Sharing a really great recipe is always good too.

Remember this is just to get you going again; sort of easing you back into it. Your next post can be much more serious. There are tons more.

Also, try reading the news headlines, check out your Facebook feed, think about your recent experiences shopping or attending an event, a visit to relatives.

Writers Block -What To Write AboutThe good thing about Writer’s Block is that it doesn’t last long (unless you are trying to write an epic novel about the history of the world).

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Writers Block -What To Write About

A Good Night’s Sleep – Dreaming Of One

 A Good Night’s Sleep may not be the easiest thing to get especially now with the summer events piling up on us.  Do you find yourself wide-awake in the middle of the night? I do, so I did some research and found many helpful tips that I hadn’t thought of.

A Good Night's Sleep


Shayna never has a problem sleeping.

A Good Night’s Sleep could be a simple solution.

  • Avoid taking an afternoon nap even though it can be so appealing when you’ve only slept half the night (or less).
  • Make sure your mattress is comfortable. Maximum age is 8-10 years but that is subjective to each person’s preferences. 
  • Keep your mattress and box spring dust free. Vacuum the mattress to reduce allergens which can keep sleep from coming. Cover it with a washable, water-proof mattress cover.
  • Remember, the end game is a good night’s sleep.
  • Avoid alcohol, it may make you feel sleepy at first but will wake you up later. Avoid tobacco and caffeine too.
  • Turn off the tablets, laptops, smart phones. Some claim that the light coming from our modern electronics can liven the brain; causing you to not be able to relax and fall asleep.  Avoid electronics before bedtime.
  • About an hour before bed, stop thinking about conflicts, work problems, and stressful thoughts. Get ready to be calm and quiet. Meditate, read something calming, listen to quiet music.
  • Try to keep pets off the bed. Their movements can disturb you. (Being a pet-owner, I know this is hard to do.)
  • Don’t drink anything in the last two hours before bed. It will help eliminate those middle of the night bathroom trips.

So, if you’re dreaming of a good night’s sleep, check out those hints. This is in no way a medical advice post, merely my observations and research. If you’re still having trouble sleeping, be sure to check with your doctor.

Love your furbaby? Read how to keep them happy and healthy.

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A Good Night’s Sleep

10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands

10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands

I really wanted to call this post “Mama’s Top 10 Reasons To Wash Your Hands” but Google puts limits on how long post titles can be so I had to settle for “10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands “.  BTW, washing can also mean using hand sanitizer. (updated)10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands

I’m out talking to lots of folks during the day, shaking hands, handling menus and visiting homes. So I’m very grateful to the person who invented hand sanitizers as well as the one who invented soap. Soap is preferred, of course, but not always convenient. It’s hard to carry soap and a sink around in your purse. My mom taught me to be careful about germs and I will repeat some of her advice here.

A List of Hand Washing Smarts Or
10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands

  1. After touching doors, door knobs, sales counters, etc.
  2. After going shopping and handling the clothes on the racks, even if it’s just pushing the hangers back and forth. See Rule #5 re: T. Mary.
  3. After petting dogs or cats. Everyone else pets them too and don’t, don’t kiss the top of the pet’s head. Everyone does that. I learned that when I was on the SPCA board.
  4. Shaking hands with someone (anyone). This takes subtlety and/or diplomacy. You can’t just shake hands, then whip out the hand-sanitizer bottle; that’s the way to lose customers.
  5. After handling the menu in a restaurant. This is a big one that very few people think of. How do you know that the last person to touch that menu wasn’t named Typhoid Mary? Or Marty (sorry, guys, didn’t mean to leave you out).
  6. After using a public bathroom (really, any bathroom). I see people leave the restroom without going anywhere near the soap dispenser or sink. Yuck!
  7. After handling money. It’s nice to have but it’s really dirty.
  8. And at the doctor’s office after reading those magazines, or signing in on the clipboard.
  9. Of course, after handling raw meat. And always prior to preparing or cooking food. This is a whole category of its own.
  10. After cleaning your bathrooms; or handling dirty laundry.

Finally, here’s the rule, don’t touch things. We are a touchy feely society but RESIST. In other words, keep that arm in a strait jacket if you have to.

As a matter of fact, I could go on but I think you get the drift here. Keep your hands clean and you suffer less colds and ‘flu.  And, you won’t pass any nasty cooties on to anyone else.

10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands and it  isn’t hard to do.

I keep hand sanitizer everywhere; in my purse, in my car, in jacket pockets. Consequently, since I started using hand sanitizer after meeting people, I have had fewer colds each year.

Hope these tips help you stay healthy. 

Pet Safety During The Holidays

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10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands


Trinity FL Homes Sales 2017

Trinity FL Homes Sales 2017

Let’s take a look at the year and see how things went. Inventory continues to be very low which puts pressure on prices. Prices are up Trinity FL Homes Sales 2017but even with it being a seller’s market, some homes continue to sit. Have they been priced too high even for a seller’s market? 


Trinity FL Homes Sales 2017

Sold in 2017 – Totals 363. This report covers Single Family Homes.

Lowest Sold – $147,000 in Thousand Oaks. A 2/2 with 1501 sf built in 2012.
Highest Sold – $1,340,000 in Champions Club. A 4/4 with a pool and 4052 sf built in 2017.

Averages for 2017 Sold Homes
Listed Price: $333,935.
Closed Price: $325,462.
Days on Market: 54
List to Sold Price Ratio: 98%

Currently Active Homes – Totals 89

To search homes for sale in Trinity, click here.

Lowest Listed Price: $209,900 in Thousand Oaks. A 3/2 built in 2003 with 1330 sf.
Highest Listed Price: $1,350,000 in Florencia, Champions Club. A 4034 sf 4/4 with a pool built in 2009. 

There are 30 Pending Homes at this time. Ranging from $219,900 in Heritage Springs Village to $1,099,000 in Champions Club. 

The total of homes sold is low when compared with past years which reflects the hesitancy of sellers to put their homes on the market when the availability of homes to buy is so low. If your house sells and you can’t find one that you want, then what? Even the rental homes are in short supply. Many are putting off selling until more homes come on the market which helps create low inventory.

New Port Richey Home Sales 2017

Holiday FL Home Sales 2017

Where Is Trinity FL?

Trinity FL is mainly around SR 54 in the west section of Pasco County. It’s also partly in northern Pinellas County. Developed by Dr. James P. Gills of St. Luke’s Eye Clinic, it is an ever-expanding area. New homes are under construction, and the area keeps widening its scope. Single family homes, villas, condos, and apartments are on the drawing board.

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If you would like a golf community, look at Heritage Springs here.

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Trinity FL Homes Sales 2017


Want Your Home Off The Market At The Holidays

Want Your Home Off The Market At The Holidays. A lot of sellers seem to think that the holidays mean no showings and no sales. This isn’t necessarily true and losing even one possible buyer doesn’t make sense.

Home Off The Market At The Holidays? Why would a seller want to take their home off the market?

  • They have company coming to stay and are afraid the home will be too messy and crowded, suitcases everywhere, extra beds, etc.
  • The Christmas tree and all their decorations take up lots of area and might make the home look smaller.
  • They will be away and don’t want it shown while they are gone.
  • They don’t think that holiday home shoppers are serious buyers.

Home Off The Market At The HolidaysI’ve written offers on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and all throughout the season.  Usually the buyers looking at holiday time are very serious. After all who would be looking at homes when they could be out buying gifts, going to parties, and generally enjoying the excitement.

Why Miss Out On A Possible Sale?

  • Usually these are folks who have sold their homes and are under a time restriction to find another home. 
  • Many want to take part in the tax advantages of closing before the end of the year.
  • Some just love the idea of decorating their new home. and inviting the family to visit.

So, is it crucial to take your Home Off The Market At The Holidays and avoid showings or would a possible sale be more important?  That is the question that only the seller can answer. But agents can explain to other agents and buyers that you have company and the home might be a little untidy. Most buyers understand completely and may have just gone through the same experience.

We can deal with all of these situations if you, the sellers, just let us know what your worries are. Lack of communication may cost you a sale.

Be sure to communicate your concerns to your agent. He/She will help you see that all of those situations can be overcome; and maybe your home will have a sold sign in January.

What Is Boxing Day anyway?

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Home Off The Market At The Holidays

7 Fireplace Safety Tips For Winter

7 Fireplace Safety Tips – it’s getting colder although this has been a warmer winter than most.  The fireplace starts being important around the holidays because what could be better than a warm fire, Christmas music, cookies and hot chocolate?

7 Fireplace Safety Tips For Winter

Before you fire up – Is your fireplace safe? Have you  had it checked recently? What are the most important things you need to do. You do know about Carbon Monoxide? If it builds up in your home, you won’t even know what is happening, you become sleepy, dizzy, may have nausea and vomiting: and maybe go into a coma.

5,149 deaths occurred in the U.S from 1999 to 2010. Most from using gas heaters but a significant amount resulted from fireplaces. It’s important to make sure yours is working properly. Fortunately, rates have dropped in the last several years due to consumer education.

7 Fireplace Safety Tips

  • Have your chimney checked once a year by a certified chimney sweep. Even gas fireplaces need to be checked. To find a sweep go to the Chimney Safety Institute, click here.
  • Make sure the sweep checks for cracks, loose bricks,  missing mortar. Replace the cap (screening) if necessary. It keeps birds, squirrels and debris out.
  • Burn hardwoods that have dried for 6 months. Resinous woods create creosote which is flammable and can build up in the chimney.
  • It is very important to have both smoke and carbon detectors in the home; near the fireplace and in the bedrooms.  Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer that is toxic to hemoglobic creatures (humans, animals).
  • Always Have a fire extinguisher near by.
  • Keep pets and animals away from the fireplace.
  • Make sure the fire is completely out before leaving or going to bed.

Now you’re ready! 7 Fireplace Safety Tips For Winter Bring on the hot chocolate.

Here’s a great recipe: The worlds BEST Hot Chocolate 
By AshleeMarie

Read about Lightning Safety In Florida.

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You’ve been reading:  7 Fireplace Safety Tips

Longleaf Lifestyle- Trinity FL

Longleaf Lifestyle- Trinity FL. Looking for something different, something that’s not cookie cutter style homes? 

Longleaf in Trinity, Florida is what you may be looking for. It has Longleaf Lifestyle- Trinity FLthat 50-s and 60’s feel of small towns. With  a variety of styles and roomy front porches that can accommodate swings and rocking chairs, and white picket fences around the yard; there is something for everyone. Choose your lifestyle: Home styles range from single-family to maintenance-free townhomes and apartments.

Longleaf Lifestyle- Trinity FL
A quiet pond in Longleaf, Trinity. By Toni

Longleaf Lifestyle- Trinity FL

The Starkey Family owned the property known as Starkey Ranch for many years;  when they decided to develop it, they wanted natural green belts and tranquil lakes for fishing. There are also playgrounds, ball fields; paved hike and bike trails; and a town center with stores and restaurants.

Longleaf Lifestyle- Trinity FL

Enjoy the village green, a town meeting hall, shops, restaurants and more. Longleaf Elementary School, Longleaf Learning Center, and Trinity Lutheran Church are also in the Longleaf town area. A Farmer’s Market is held there when produce is ready. LongLeaf  children attend Seven Springs Middle and J.W.Mitchell High School.

The Longleaf community is in Trinity, FL  with an easy ride to the Suncoast Parkway  which means access to Tampa. Lots of stores and restaurants including Grille 54, Bonefish, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Tijuana Flats are within close range when you are hungry. The new Trinity Regional Hospital is close by.

Currently Active in Longleaf -7
Lowest price $219,900 for a 2/2 with 1,471 sf built in 2005. 
Highest price $399,900 for a 5/4 with 2,695 sf built in 2007.

Pending At This Time – 7
Ranging in price from $150,000 for a 3/3 built in 2000.
To: $365,900 for a 4/3 built in 2006. 

Sold Jan-Oct. – 38
Lowest sold price $194,000 for a 3/2 with 1,438 sf built in 2007.
Highest sold price $460,000 for a 4/3 with 3,200 sf built in 2002.

Average Listed Price (Jan-Oct) $286,432.
Average Closed Price (Jan-Oct) $280,324
Sold Price to List Price Ratio 98%
Average Days On Market 72

Trinity Home Sales Jan-Sept. 2017

To view homes for sale in Longleaf, click here

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Longleaf Lifestyle- Trinity FL

Honeymoon Island Halloween 2017

Honeymoon Island Halloween – Dunedin FL

Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, FL is offering a safe alternative for celebrating Halloween. This spooky Halloween event will take place Oct. 27 & 28  (Friday and Saturday evenings 6 pm to 10 pm). 

Honeymoon Island HalloweenCelebrate with a children’s walking trail, games, spooky story telling, a scary trail, fortune-telling, a children’s trail, and food and drinks. Wear your costume and bring your  trick or treat bag. Also, handy to bring, a flashlight and bug spray. Don’t forget your camera! Click below to see flyer.

Honeymoon Halloween

Honeymoon Island Halloween -Dunedin

Donation is $10.00 per car which includes 10 free activity tickets.

Honeymoon Island State Park is a Florida State Park on Honeymoon Island.  Honeymoon Island is a barrier island across St. Joseph’s Sound from Palm Harbor, Ozona, and Crystal Beach. The park is 385 acres in land area with 2,400 acres submerged,  and 4 miles of beach. It is at the western end of Causeway Boulevard, which is Curlew Road when you reach Alternate 19. The 

Be sure to go and have a spooky great time!

Read Keep Your Kids Safe On Halloween

This local event information brought to you as a courtesy by  Toni Weidman- Sailwinds Realty.  Contact the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce  or the organizers for further information.

Be sure to take a look at the May-Stringer House in Brooksville; it’s haunted. 

Toni Weidman

If you’re looking for homes to buy, click here.

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Honeymoon Island Halloween -Dunedin

Halloween Safety For Kids – Keep Them Safe

Halloween Safety For Kids. Halloween is such a fun time for our kids; I remember my son running here and there Halloween Safety For Kids(with me running behind him, of course), talking to the neighbors, meeting friends, loving all the candy (which we monitored). It was at the time when razor blades had started appearing in apples. So it can be scary too and it gets a little scarier each year.  Here are some tips to ensure a Happy and Safe Halloween for all.

Halloween Safety For Kids

  • Always look for the Flame Retardant label when purchasing costumes. Avoid costumes with filmy materials or wings or long sleeves.
  • Use reflective tape to decorate or trim your child’s costume/clothing; trim that will glow in a car’s headlights. Bags or sacks should also have reflective trim. Reflective tape can be found in hardware and sporting goods stores.

  • Children should also carry flashlights to be able to see hazards in front of them.

  • Apply a mask with cosmetics and not using a face-mask. The face-mask can obscure vision and/or restrict breathing. If you choose to use a mask, make sure it fits properly to allow them full vision.

  • Costumes should not be so long that the child trips over the hem.

  • Have them wear sturdy shoes that fit well. High heels are not a good idea.

  • Hats and scarfs should be tied properly so that they don’t become a vision blocker. Scarfs are probably not a good idea. They can be grabbed too easily.

More Halloween Safety For Kids

  • Swords, knifes, and other weapons should be of soft and flexible material.

  • Children should never enter a home or apartment unless an adult accompanies them.

  • Stay away from candlelit pumpkins on a porch; costumes can easily ignite.

  • Warn children not to eat any treats until you have a chance to look them over. Check all edibles in the bag that your child brings home. Report anything suspicious found in there to your local Sheriff/Police.

Halloween Safety For Kids  and  the furry kind too.
Please keep your pets inside. 

Halloween Safety For Kids

 These are a few ways for everyone in the family to have a stay safe on Halloween.

Visit the May-Stringer House in Brooksville; it’s haunted.

Search homes for sale, here.

 Toni Weidman, GRI

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Save A Life; Adopt A Rescue Pet

Halloween Safety For Kids