Beautiful Unusual African Violet

Beautiful Unusual African Violet. African Violets were a major hobby of mine for several years. I raised them, showed them,and went to African Violet shows all over-at one point, I had over 500 of them. 

So many people think that AV’s are hard to grow so I thought I would start a series that showed some of the unusual and intriguing African Violets in order to show you the many different varieties out there.

Beautiful Unusual African Violet

Beautiful Unusual African Violet

I chose this one to start the African Violet series with because it looks nothing like your typical African Violet that you would buy in Lowes or Home Depot. Its name is Emerald City and with its  green and lavender striping on the petals you can see why. It order to purchase it, you would have to order it from one of the many large growers like Rob’s Violet Barn.

It is one of the more difficult ones to grow, as many of the hybrids are. But it is so beautiful that everyone wants one. This is a baby plant so not many leaves yet. But I decided to share this perfect little flower first. 

I will be posting more African Violets and some tips and hints on how to keep them alive. Today’s hint: Don’t over-water them. It kills more of these lovely plants than anything else. Beautiful Unusual African Violets must be allowed to almost but not quite dry out. Don’t rely on one of those moisture meters; they aren’t good with African Violets.

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African Violets constitute one of the largest “hobbies”  in the US, indeed across the world. I have it in quotes because in my case they took over my life. These days, I just keep about 40 of them for my own and my friends viewing pleasure.

If you have questions about them, email me and I will try to answer your questions. The African Violet Society has a great website with tons of information and tons of pictures here.

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Author: Toni Weidman

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