Backpacks Can Cause Injuries

Backpacks Can Cause Injuries. Are they too heavy, do they carry their weight properly, are they being packed properly for even weight distribution? Kids get backaches because they carry all their text and note books, supplies, and personal items with them.

[Updated 08/07/17]

Backpacks Can Cause InjuriesThe recommended carry weight is no more that 10-15% of the child’s body weight. Heavy backpacks can cause back and neck strain, chronic or lifelong back pain. Have you noticed a child bending forward when walking with a backpack? Obviously compensating for being pulled backwards by the weight.

Hanging a backpack off one shoulder to look cool can cause the child to lean the other way to compensate. If kids grunt or groan when putting on a backpack, if they have red marks on their shoulders, or if they say their fingers or arms feel tingly or numb they are suffering from backpack problems.

Backpacks Can Cause Injuries

How to avoid some backpack problems:

  • Select a backpack that is no bigger than necessary; the bigger the pack, the more the child will squeeze into it.
  • Narrow straps can add to the problem. Padded straps at least 2″ wide are recommended.
  • Straps need to be adjustable and padded. Narrow straps can cause nerve damage. A padded back and compartments helps distribute the weight so that heaviest items are against the back.
  • Check with teachers for suggestions as to what is needed in the classroom.
  • Parents should look in the bags to recommend what items to take and which to leave home.Backpacks Can Cause Injuries
  • Books can be left in lockers until needed for class and do not need to be carried all day.
  • Maybe one with wheels might work.

Digital textbooks will certainly help reduce the need to carry so much weight.

In the meantime, do some checking on your own; remember Backpacks Can Cause Injuries. For further information, click here.  or here.

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