Are Infographics Informative Or Not

Are Infographics Informative or Not – I’m always looking on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc., for information and education. Especially for tech updates and info. But I look for health info and nutrition info there too. I find infographics and I don’t find them very informative.

Are Infographics Informative Or Not

According to our friends at Wiki  “Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.”  Click here to go visit Wiki.

Infographics seem to be ubiquitous now. But when I read them, they don’t seem to give enough information. That’s because by their very nature (graphic); there isn’t enough room to expand on a subject.

Are Infographics Informative Or Not

This is an infographic of the DC subway system. Easy to read! Most are extremely hard to read; either the background is too dark or it’s an explosive color that doesn’t treat the eyes kindly, so I usually click off.. Or I find the text bits to be too small. If you have eye problems (I do) then the effort usually isn’t worth the end result.

There are smaller graphics inside the infographic: most are too small to get a sense of what the writer is saying. Yet, people continue their efforts at producing them. I find them annoying and/or boring. Especially ones by people obviously not qualified to produce them. And I can’t believe the trend is still with us. I was hoping for a natural fade-out.

Are Infographics Informative Or Not

Are Infographics Informative

Okay, I’m on a rant here. What’s wrong with plain old text? Or a pretty photo?  I have never tried an infographic because I don’t think I’m qualified to do so. And, of course, all this is my opinion which you are free to disagree with. Maybe I’m missing something.

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Are Infographics Informative Or Not

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