A Forever Bunny Keep Them Safe

A Forever Bunny

This was written in 2015, so I’ve updated it to show that Easter Sunday is March 27 in 2016.  I love all the Easter A Forever Bunnydecorations, bunnies, pastel colored eggs, baskets, etc. Children enjoy Easter too. Some love the idea that they can get a chick or a baby duck; or even a bunny. 

Remember, these creatures need a forever home. Don’t bring them home if you are not committed to keeping them as a pet. Yes, they are very cute, especially as babies, but they grow up just like kittens and puppies and children do. Please keep that in mind before you bring one home.

A Forever Bunny Keep Them Safe

They need proper care, feeding and housing. They need training if they are going to live in your home.  Your children need training too: how to take care of the creatures, how to feed, how not to torment or frighten.

Any furry or feathered or finny pet you adopt, whether it is a dog, cat, bunny, hamster, duck, fish or whatever, please be committed to caring for, nurturing, loving and protecting it.

Have a wonderful Easter with your family. And A Forever Bunny.

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Photo courtesy of Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary.

Toni Weidman
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Save a Life; Adopt A Shelter Pet But Only If You’re Committed To It.

A Forever Bunny

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Author: Toni Weidman

Experience Counts! I have been selling homes in West Pasco and Pinellas counties-Florida for over 25 years. Craig & I run Trinity Pets Yappy Hour for animal rescues. And a Broker-associate with Sailwinds Realty, Trinity. Craig and I run Trinity Pet Sitters LLC.