10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands

10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands

I really wanted to call this post “Mama’s Top 10 Reasons To Wash Your Hands” but Google puts limits on how long post titles can be so I had to settle for “10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands “.  BTW, washing can also mean using hand sanitizer. (updated)10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands

I’m out talking to lots of folks during the day, shaking hands, handling menus and visiting homes. So I’m very grateful to the person who invented hand sanitizers as well as the one who invented soap. Soap is preferred, of course, but not always convenient. It’s hard to carry soap and a sink around in your purse. My mom taught me to be careful about germs and I will repeat some of her advice here.

A List of Hand Washing Smarts Or
10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands

  1. After touching doors, door knobs, sales counters, etc.
  2. After going shopping and handling the clothes on the racks, even if it’s just pushing the hangers back and forth. See Rule #5 re: T. Mary.
  3. After petting dogs or cats. Everyone else pets them too and don’t, don’t kiss the top of the pet’s head. Everyone does that. I learned that when I was on the SPCA board.
  4. Shaking hands with someone (anyone). This takes subtlety and/or diplomacy. You can’t just shake hands, then whip out the hand-sanitizer bottle; that’s the way to lose customers.
  5. After handling the menu in a restaurant. This is a big one that very few people think of. How do you know that the last person to touch that menu wasn’t named Typhoid Mary? Or Marty (sorry, guys, didn’t mean to leave you out).
  6. After using a public bathroom (really, any bathroom). I see people leave the restroom without going anywhere near the soap dispenser or sink. Yuck!
  7. After handling money. It’s nice to have but it’s really dirty.
  8. And at the doctor’s office after reading those magazines, or signing in on the clipboard.
  9. Of course, after handling raw meat. And always prior to preparing or cooking food. This is a whole category of its own.
  10. After cleaning your bathrooms; or handling dirty laundry.

Finally, here’s the rule, don’t touch things. We are a touchy feely society but RESIST. In other words, keep that arm in a strait jacket if you have to.

As a matter of fact, I could go on but I think you get the drift here. Keep your hands clean and you suffer less colds and ‘flu.  And, you won’t pass any nasty cooties on to anyone else.

10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands and it  isn’t hard to do.

I keep hand sanitizer everywhere; in my purse, in my car, in jacket pockets. Consequently, since I started using hand sanitizer after meeting people, I have had fewer colds each year.

Hope these tips help you stay healthy. 

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10 Reasons to Wash Your Hands


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Author: Toni Weidman

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